LegendaryMV's Jon Suber

I met the crew from LegendaryMV a few summers ago when I was desperately looking for a clothing line that was inspired by the vineyard without looking tacky. As soon as I saw a mutual FB friend wearing one of their tanks, I immediately became obsessed and reached out to them.  LegendaryMV has now become one of my favorite brands.

Recently I had a chance to interview Jon:

Describe LegendaryMV in 3 words?

Pride, Loyalty, Empowerment

What inspires you?

What inspires me is seeing so many of my friends achieving success in the entrepreneurial endeavors. I’m surrounded by people who truly embrace the hustle and the grind of an entrepreneur. Being able to obtain knowledge from your friends who are also pursuing freedom through their own businesses is invaluable. Growing up on Martha’s Vineyard has also provided its own inspiration. We have been lucky enough to be around many self-made industry leaders. Many of the successful and wealthy African Americans who visit the Vineyard started just like us. We are truly inspired by them and thankful to be around people who have been successful in corporate America or their own businesses. They have provided us with a blueprint for success.

Tell us more about how you got started?

It started with a text.  Jon was looking at the Entering Oak Bluffs sign that was hanging in his house and he sent a text to James. The text read “This should be a t-shirt”.  James worked on a design of our first t shirt and some may remember our first shirt did not even have Legendary anywhere except in the title of the product.  We sold the Legendary Oak Bluffs t-shirt and tanks for the first year, and we even got Giordono’s wife Nancy as well as Roger from C’est La Vie to sell in their Oak Bluffs boutiques. We were quite sure we made it, on the Vineyard at least.  We printed up enough shirts for us to wear and possibly sell a few, but we quickly realized there was a demand for our product.  Just between our friends and family we could barely keep up and realized the next summer we had to step it up even more.

When the summer was over, we decided to expand our line on the Vineyard, while also making custom Legendary shirts for our friends and family in other cities. It was exciting to know we started a real business.

What makes LegendaryMV stand out from other online shops?

We bring the beach to the web and

What next for LegendaryMV?

LegendaryMV plans to expand into more cities and keep an eye out for new Legendary styles.

Why did you decide to start your own company?

Freedom, Love and Money. We’ve always admired those who have made it on their own, this is a chance for us to take our future into our own hands, and at the same time make clothes we love to wear.

October 03, 2017 by Erica Belle-Williams