The New

If you've been following us for a while you have seen many changes. From pop-ups, to permanent locations, you’ve stuck with us. Every bump in the road has been a lesson helping MV Allston grow to what it is today and what it will become in the future.

In our latest Adventure in the world of becoming a #girlboss we have launched our new website! Now you don't have to leave your house on those cold Vineyard days to find cute items. But please feel free to stop into the store anytime to say hi because we will miss seeing your face.

As you can see from our new website, somethings have changed including our logo. We may have a new website with a beautiful new logo, but our commitment to bringing you the items you love at affordable prices will never change.

Thank you for supporting this girls journey to happiness and thank you for supporting all of our vendors in our collaborative boutique. Supporting small businesses helps support big dreams.

Love and best wishes,

Erica Belle-Williams

Founder and Fashion Wizard

November 15, 2017 by Erica Belle-Williams