Inspirational Wednesday

One night I was up late in San Fran, I was still on East Coast time.  So I decided to use the time wisely and come up with new ideas for MV Allston. One thing that came to mind was a way to talk about all the amazing people I randomly get to meet. 

So on this late night in San Fran I was clearly thinking from the branding side of my brain.  I thought it should only be one day a week and Inspirational Wednesday came to mind.  It just sounded good and we need some inspiration to get us past hump day, amIrite?  I mean we have margarita Monday, taco Tuesday, thirsty Thursday (or now as you young kids call it TBT) and Friday/Sat are so cool they don’t need a name. That leaves Sunday fun day, but what does poor Wednesday get? Crickets… oh wait, no it gets way back Wednesday and it is overshadowed by its cooler cousin TBT. It is the red-headed stepchild of days, until now.

So every Wednesday, we are going to bring you great stories about people we meet along this crazy voyage. See you next Inspirational Wednesday!

October 03, 2017 by Erica Belle-Williams