When I was 25 I had a bit of a quarter life crisis. I had a good job in NYC, cute apartment, small but cute,

and had a closet this Ohio girl killed for, but something was not right. I decided to quit my job and backpack though Europe. Only problem with my plan, no money! So I moved back home into my parents RV, on Martha's Vineyard, got a job working at a clothing store in the day and Lola's at night. (Yes, that was me napping in Ocean Park between jobs!) After working so many hours and becoming a zombie, I had enough money for my trip. So I went backpacking in Europe for 3 months (The amount of time you are legally allowed to stay in the EU as an American without a visa.) After my return from trip I went back to corporate America in NYC, for a few years, and I hated it. Yes, I was good at my job. Yes, I made good money for a 20 something but what was the point of making money if I could never see my family or spend it. I was getting sick and tired of corporate America. 

I heard a nagging voice in the back of my head saying I think I could probably do this better and make a positive, culturally sensitive, fashion company. Add to that the long hours, the crazy fear of dying alone in my office, and constantly being the only POC in the room.

Fast forward a bit in this story; my Dad became sick suddenly out of nowhere.  The doctors told us me I would be lucky if he made it past next 48 hours. Thankfully he did slowly get better and I learned one of the most valuable lessons any one person can learn that life is just too damn short.

After that I realize I had to figure out what was going to make me happy other than just my job. So I decide to go for it I quit my job, gave up my life in New York City and moved to Martha's Vineyard to open MV Allston. 

Thank God, I have the most supportive parents, sisters, and boyfriend (now fiancé) EVER!  That helped me along this journey. No, it's not easy being an entrepreneur and starting your own company in your 20’s. In fact, it's scary as hell, and sometimes you run out of all your money and think you'll be living in a cardboard box. However, meeting amazing customers who have now became friends and even a bridesmaid in my upcoming wedding made this journey so worth it.

I hope to continue to grow MV Allston with the support of loyal customers. 

Thank you thank you thank you!! 


Founder and Fashion Wizard