MV Allston's name was created after combining my grandfather's name Leonard Allston Yancey with my favorite place on earth Martha's Vineyard Island. Unfortunately my grandfather did not to see this tribute paid to our summers on island together. He would have been proud.



MV Allston is a socially conscious, curated, collaborative boutique, inspired by Martha's Vineyard. We opened are first store on island in 2014. (Hopefully more soon) We relaunched our online boutique late in 2017.  What does all that marketing mumbo-jumbo really mean? It pretty much means that we work with lots of different artisans with cool products to sell.  The artisans put their trust and have faith in us to display their goods instead of just randomly tossing everything in the store or on the site. We make sure everything looks pretty hence the word curated.  The socially conscious part? YES, we are a business and one of our goals is to make money, but we also understand that we're not the only ones on this earth.  We asked ourselves why can't a fashion company care about the world and make money?  So if you follow us on social media, (and we hope you do) you'll notice that we talk about more than just fashion. We also discuss ideas and events. We also realize that it is our social responsibility to give back to our community.