Hummingbird Stemless Wine Glasses


This is a listing for 2 glasses

A collection of Hummingbirds happily perched on delicate tree branches.

♦ These glasses make a wonderful gift. They are exceptionally durable and are dishwasher safe.

These glasses are functional works of art to enjoy year round. They look fabulous with any beverage and are great for water, wine and juice. 

:: The glasses are 4.5" tall
:: Perfect for water, wine and juice
:: Silkscreen printed in the USA
:: Dishwasher safe and very durable
:: 100% made in the USA
:: A signature Mary Elizabeth Arts design

♥ We love this stemless style of wine glasses for many reasons:

:: Comfortable to cradle in your hands
:: Modern shape and style
:: Less likely to be accidentally knocked over
:: Fit comfortably in the dishwasher
:: Makes great water and juice glasses


Made In: United States